Veteran game industry funded independent developers

April 30, 2009, 7:45 am

veteran game industry funded independent developers   Gary Tucker (Garry Tucker) has managed to work in a huge number of companies during his long career in the gaming industry. Suffice it to recall that this man had held senior positions in the Take-Two, Activision, Acclaim and Virgin Interactive, as well as Kuju Games. Now this team is ready to share experience and money to young independent designers.
Recently, Tucker (Tucker) was founded Eightbyte - London firms involved in financial planning for the development of indie games. The company will monitor the production process, provide material assistance. In fact, Eightbyte offers a unique autsors accounting for small studios, to their limited staff not diverted to different nonsense.
According to Gamasutra, this company has been working in the UK, but in the future, Tucker expects to expand the number of countries, which will work Eightbyte.
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