Video of the day :6-wheel superkar Covini C6W in action

December 12, 2008, 8:24 am

video of the day :6-wheel superkar covini c6w in action 
video of the day :6-wheel superkar covini c6w in action   During the first visual acquaintance with pictures of Italian sportkara Covini C6W there is a sense that we are a good joke amateur experiments in the graphics program Adobe Photoshop.
Nevertheless, it is not immobilized - shestikolesny sportkar really exists and is about to go on line. For the first time on Covini C6W talking in 2004. Then the project was at the stage of concept, so many in the head and could not reach that C6W market appears expensive and fast cars.
lead to the cars that are two rear wheels. Interestingly, the construction C6W similar to some models racing bolide 70-ies. Under the hood the car is the engine of Audi V8, which is able to issue up to 400 horsepower. It can be assumed that the additional 2 wheels provide C6W best indicators of dynamics and agility, especially when it comes to entering the exit at high speed.
anyone read the video, which can be seen C6W in action.


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