Video interview with the creators of NFS:Shift

April 29, 2009, 7:58 pm

   On the pages of Gametrailers published interesting interviews with the producer of Need For Speed:Shift (NFS:Shift) - Abni Jesse (Jesse Abney). The developer said that the new game is completely twisted around organized races. There is no open world is not. All well-structured and subject to uniform rules. Game will fill in many tracks, both real and fictitious.
Actually, Shift to become a step toward an authentic racing simulator (this refers to the version for big home consoles and PC). Option for the Wii will be more arcade. Gamers will gradually move to a career and learn new tricks, find out their particular cars. The most important thing that can try the game will be too soon:the summer is a demo version of NFS:Shift. It is hope that eventually it will turn out something really worthwhile.

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