Video preview action Muramasa:The Demon Blade

April 27, 2009, 10:44 am

   There is a beautiful game, but there are games art. Draft Muramasa:The Demon Blade belongs to the latter. This is one of the most beautiful 2D-action last time. While entertainment is only available in Japan, but this fall for the Wii project, and to reach U. S. shores. Perhaps that is why staff Gametrailers decided to put online a very interesting video preview of this remarkable product.
The main feature Muramasa:The Demon Blade is to use the classic side-scrolling-mechanics (where the screen is moving, following the character), and divinely beautiful two-dimensional graphics. While other companies spend millions on three engines, the staff of the studio Vanillaware bet on 2D and not progadali.
Amusement get a very nice, genuinely Japanese, dynamic and surprisingly Zadornov. We are looking forward to the release. It is a pity only that the European project will only appear next year.

  • Video Preview Muramasa:The Demon Blade.


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