Video review of Resistance 2

November 8, 2008, 10:40 am

   Insomniac Games, in its own, unique company. Indeed, many studios do you know that two years would be able to build a large-scale Sequel to the main shuteru for the PlayStation 3. Staff Gametrailers well recently studied the draft called Resistance 2 and talked about his impressions in the video review.
Resistance 2 - bright, fast game with settingom very interesting. The action takes place in an alternative reality, stuck in the futuristic 50th. Looks quite nice. The most important thing in this draft is not even a single (10 hours) and no multiplayer (60), a co-op, which resembles not so much on Call of Duty, but on World of Warcraft.
The only negative - not very good graphics. Still, PlayStation 3 is capable of a higher.

  • Video review of Resistance 2.


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