Video at speeds of 10 Gb/s at 20 km

March 24, 2009, 2:58 pm

   The company Hitachi announced the development of a system for video networks FTTH (fiber to the home), which allows transfer of content at a speed of 10 Gbps. The system is designed in accordance with the requirements of 10G-EPON, supported by the project team IEEE 802. 3av. Datasheet 10G-EPON has not yet been adopted and discussed by specialists, but part of the process is almost completed.
At present, most subscribers of FTTH-line networks in Japan are built on the basis of GE-PON, which provides the speed and reception of about 1, 25 Gbit/sec. Technology of GE-PON has been standardized organization of IEEE, a similar G-PON technology has been adopted by ITU. 10GE-PON is positioned as a version of GE-PON next generation.
Hitachi system includes an optical line terminal (OLT) and optical network unit (ONU), and the amplifier voltage-controlled current, which is installed at the OLT (on the side of the operator) and enhances signals depending on their intensity. According to the Hitachi, this is what the amplifier is playing a key role in their development. Even if the difference of distances between subscribers and operators, and large difference of the weak and strong signal reaches 20 dB, OLT continues to be a can take the optical signals.
To detect and correct errors in bytes was used Reed-Solomon code (255, 223), which is characterized by frequency of occurrence of faulty bits is not more than 10-12 at the receiver sensitivity of -25 dBm. Was connected to the system 32 the user device, the length of fiber optic cable from a subscriber to the operator of 20 km.
Hitachi believes that the work on the specification of 10G-EPON completed in December this year. The first devices to support new technologies come to market in the next 3-5 years.


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