Videobumaga to record the brightness of

April 29, 2009, 3:15 pm

videobumaga to record the brightness of   Today e-paper sheets are still substantially inferior to the brightness and contrast of traditional paper and ink. The new display, developed by staff of the University Tsintsinatti (USA, Ohio) is a step forward to combat these deficiencies.
One of the unique features of the new electronic paper is a time switch from black to white just from one to several milliseconds, which makes it suitable for comfortable video viewing. Note the typical LCD panels also have a response time of several ms.
The researchers created a prototype of the black-and-white display, reflecting 55% of scattered light - it is much more than any e-paper available on the market today. New still inferior to that indicator traditional paper, but developers are not going to give up and will continue to improve the characteristics of your device. According to scientists, the technology can ensure the ability of showing up to 85%.
Pixels display represent a new hexagon. Below are sections of aluminum that reflect light well. Above them are mounted on the transparent electrodes of indium oxide and tin. Each pixel consists of a miniature tank with ink, which is located in the center. When a voltage is pulling out of the ink capsules and fills the entire area of a pixel. Through the installation of red, green and blue filters over each pixel can be colored to create the panel.
The researchers plan to further develop and implement them in production in the start Gamma Dynamics. Major industry manufacturers Polymer Vision and Sun Chemical are ready to support the new technology toward commercialization. According to Polymer Vision, the technology could surpass all existing today e-paper development through a unique combination of highly reflective ability, ability to display video and a small thickness.


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