VideoInspector 2. 2. 0:a gift for videomana

April 2, 2009, 6:36 am

videoinspector 2. 2. 0:a gift for videomana   This utility helps you determine the type of video, which is used for compression of a file. It is very useful if the video that you want to see, does not open. VideoInspector not only tells what codec is missing on your system, but also displays a list of available audio and video codecs, and even provide a link to the missing codecs. Additional features include the display of information about the file, including length, information on audio and video stream. In the current version of the program were added about the newest versions of the codecs.
Developer:KC Softwares Distributed:free Operating system:Windows All Size 795 Kb Download from here you can.


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