Vikipoisk:personalization search from Google

November 25, 2008, 11:57 am

vikipoisk:personalization search from google   Google has announced Vikipoisk, a tool that allows personalized search results and share settings with other users.
Now each user can customize the search capabilities move through the issuance of the results, delete them, add your own choices and leave comments. In addition, you can see how to search the issuance of a request by other users. Vikipoisk tool has been designed specifically to give users the ability to choose which search results to suit you.
The next time the user avtorizuetsya to Google and enters the same search query, they can see the search results page, which already will be taken into account his comments. At any time he can undo your changes. Changes are made to the issuance of the search will only affect the search results to the user. In addition, edits will be displayed publicly at a special page, where you can be seen as setting the issuance of a search for that query other users.


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