Vikipoisk:personalized search from Google in Russian

April 30, 2009, 5:32 pm

vikipoisk:personalized search from google in russian   Google has introduced Vikipoisk (a tool that allows you to personalize search results and share settings with other users) in Russian.
Now, each user of English can customize Google Site search issuance due to moving the results, delete them, add your own choices and leave comments. In addition, you can see how to configure the search for the issuance of any request by other users. Vikipoisk tool was developed specifically to give users the ability to choose which search results to suit you.
The next time a user login with Google and enters the same search query, they can see the search results page, where his comments would be taken into account. At any moment he can undo your changes. Changes are made to the issuance of the search will only affect the search results for this user. In addition, the changes will be displayed at a special public page, there can also be seen as set on the issuance of the search query other users.


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