From Virtua Fighter and Shenmue leaves Sega

April 6, 2009, 4:48 pm

from virtua fighter and shenmue leaves sega   Name Yu Suzuki (Yu Suzuki) are well known to all fans of games from Sega. This person not only has made a hand to the creation of OutRun racing series and the famous Fighting Virtua Fighter, but also became the inspiration for the great epic sagas Shenmue, which he did not have to complete.
Unfortunately, in recent times a prominent developer was not the highest position in the company. His presence was so invisible that the president of the American unit Sega generally considered that the specialist has retired. It turns out that Suzuki has not did he go and continues to do.
Recently, led by developer unit Sega AM Plus, which will deal exclusively with projects in Japan, including the Fighting Psy-Phi, as well as arcade Sega Race TV.
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