Vodoblok Swiftech for dual graphics cards AMD

December 16, 2008, 7:01 am

vodoblok swiftech for dual graphics cards amdvodoblok swiftech for dual graphics cards amdvodoblok swiftech for dual graphics cards amdvodoblok swiftech for dual graphics cards amd 
vodoblok swiftech for dual graphics cards amd   The company recently introduced Sapphire dvuhprotsessornuyu graphics card equipped with a water cooling system. The cost of new items is far from modest $ 650 - it is possible that for markedly less enthusiastic able to install the graphics adapter high-quality water system. But if the goal is to gather personal computer-based adapter AMD Radeon HD 4870 X2, so even with a water cooling system remaining components, including CPU, you should seek other solutions, such as vodoblok Caldera 4870X2 production company Swiftech.
The design of the device consists of two main blocks - vodoblok with a copper base constructed with the use of technology Diamond Pin Matrix;passive radiator, designed to remove heat from the chip graphics memory, the elements scheme nutritional graphics card. Thus, Caldera 4870X2 to achieve maximum efficiency cooling graphics adapters, while at the same time making it possible to experiment with different operating frequency kernel and memory - cooling system is efficient enough to cope with the increased workload.
Specifications Caldera 4870X2:
  • copper bases, manufactured with technology Diamond Pin Matrix;
  • the main block is made of aluminum;
  • use 1/4- inch compounds;
  • vodobloka size - 136 x 103 x 22 mm, weight - 411 grams;
  • passive cooling element is made of aluminum alloy;
  • size of a passive cooling element - 208 x 93 x 12 mm, weight - 181 gram.
is finally say on the cost of the device - the company Swiftech requests for Caldera 4870X2 respectable $ 160. Do not forget that you will need to spend more on vodoblok to the central processor, hoses, pump pump and cooling unit refrigerant.


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