A voice in the management of Fable 2

April 2, 2009, 3:13 pm

a voice in the management of fable 2a voice in the management of fable 2 
a voice in the management of fable 2   The role-playing Fable 2 was different from many of its competitors are not only beautiful settingom and mass social opportunities, but also the availability of the satellite - a faithful dog. First, we found a small puppy, but he has walked with us, this quadruped friend who helped in the fight and looking for hidden treasures. Manage this substance was suggested using the commands that appear through the menu. However, for the control Lionhead originally wanted to use the voice system !
This is an interesting fact in an interview with MTV Multiplayer spoke Mulino, Peter (Peter Molyneux). According to him, the team tested a similar system, but eventually they came to the conclusion that such a possibility would have been unnecessary and would simply distract the players from the main process. While the idea of calling a virtual dog singing into a microphone, we really like.
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