Volkswagen has exported cars to the fuel cell

February 25, 2009, 5:10 pm

volkswagen has exported cars to the fuel cell   Volkswagen Passat Lingyu - a new party testing program for vehicles with fuel cell California Fuel Cell Partnership, held in the U. S. - the German automakers. Recently, the company brought 16 electric vehicles, fuel cell, debuted during the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing and set up in collaboration with Chinese scientists from the University of Shanghai Tongji University. The fuel Lingyu using hydrogen as allocated in the process of working substances are water and oxygen, thus, cars represent a clean mode of transport.
Passat Lingyu can speed up to 145 km/h, while the range of one cylinder with hydrogen is about 235 km. During the testing of vehicles in China, traveled more than 80 thousand kilometers. The goal is that in California, by its own team of drivers will test the company Lingyu in typical driving scenarios in terms of city and intercity routes, in order to identify possible problems in the real operation and take into account the lessons learned in preparation for the production of mass-produced vehicles. So far, the cars with fuel cell battery available for the general public, but Volkwagen said that developing a scheme for the provision of logistics for future prototypes for testing directly to end-users.
In addition Lingyu, German company previously offered to participate in the Caliornia Fuel Cell Partnership, eight other models with the fuel cell, including the Audi Q5 FCEV, Touran HyMotion FCEV, Tiguan FCEV and Caddy Maxi FCEV. Among the cars of other manufacturers participating in the program - Chevy Equinox, Daimler F-Cell FCV, Ford Focus FCV, GM HydroGen3, Honda Clarity, Hyundai Tucson FCEV, Kia Borrego FCEV, Kia Sportage FCVs and the Toyota FCHV.


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