Warning:faulty power adapter for the iPhone 3G

September 21, 2008, 11:46 pm

warning:faulty power adapter for the iphone 3g 
warning:faulty power adapter for the iphone 3g   The official site of Apple reported startup program to replace the ultra-USB power adapter, which is supplied with mobile devices iPhone 3G. Reportedly, the speakers metal contacts can come away and stay in the outlet, creating a risk of electric shock. Apple notes that the injury has not yet been fixed. Nevertheless, the company recommends to discontinue the use of these adapters and their ayfony temporarily charged with the USB port of your computer or laptop using a USB-power adapter standard form factor.
The list of countries where the iPhone 3G sold with defective adapters, includes the USA, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Panama. Bad adapter looks like.
on the market were also updated without the power adapter of the defect. If your adapter has a green label (as shown in the photo below), then do not worry about it.
According to Apple, the security of its users is a priority, so the company decided to provide free, to replace defective adapter for an updated. Get a new adapter can be in two ways:by means of placing orders through a web interface, as well as directly in one of the stores Apple Retail Store. Deliveries of new adapters for users who submit the order, would begin on 10 October. Since that same date, you can contact the company stores Apple.
Recall, in August 2006, Apple was forced to withdraw 1, 8 million explosive lithium-ion batteries produced by Sony, which have been used in laptop iBook and PowerBook. In October last year to turn the boy`s pocket music player iPod nano. As an extension of history - last month, the Japanese unit of Apple announced a free replacement battery iPod nano, which are prone to overheat. Now, now, unfortunately, have trouble iPhone. By the way, according to analysts, the number of sets of iPhone 3G to the defective adapters millions.


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