Watermark Master 2. 2. 11:add watermark to photos and video

April 13, 2009, 6:22 pm

watermark master 2. 2. 11:add watermark to photos and video   The new version of the program, which is intended to add a watermark. As votermarka program allows you to use a text word, image, file an animated GIF, video, vector shapes such as rectangle and ellipse. The program can add watermarks not only in graphics files, but also in the video, and, at the request of the user, only some pictures. By votermarkam you can apply different effects, such as reproduction, discarding the shadows, adding volume, curvature. You can use the step-by-step wizard.
on the latest innovations of the developer is not reported.
Developer:VideoCharge Software Distribution:shareware, to $ 75 Operating system:Windows All Size 19, 3 MB, you can Download here.


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