WD prepares teraybaytnye mobile disks

September 15, 2008, 10:56 am

   The company literally Western Digital recently began deliveries of 2, 5 - inch mobile hard drive Scorpio Blue, equipped with two magnetic plates capacity to 250 GB each - a total disk space of 500 GB. As soon begin delivering similar drives on the market and the company Seagate - apparently devices can be purchased from the end of this year.
As for the longer-term plans of the world`s leading manufacturers of hard drives for mobile hard drive, according to information from a network resource Channel Register, more storage capacity model will appear next year. In particular, the mention of the mobile 750 GB hard drive volume from companies WD and Fujitsu, which should appear in the middle of the year, and in 2010, the company expect to release and the first terabaytniki - 2, 5 - 1 inch disks volume of TB.
Despite the fact that the available evidence relating to plans of companies WD and Fujitsu, their chief competitor, the leader of the hard drive market, the company Seagate, expects to overtake their opponents in a race gigabyte, and issue a similar 2, 5 - inch hard drives just before competitors -- It was a few weeks, the maximum months.


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