Web Forum Reader 2. 0:reading online forums

October 13, 2008, 9:03 am

web forum reader 2. 0:reading online forums   The new version of the program, designed for reading online forums. Web Forum Reader program provides an opportunity to read forums and to monitor developments on them without opening a page in a browser. You can read several forums at the same time, offering them as tabs, combine similar topics forums in the group and synchronize the group by pressing one button. Web Forum Reader is a master of adding new resources to facilitate entry of new forums.
The program goes in two versions:simplified and free trade, with extended capabilities.
In Web Forum Reader 2. 0 simplified by the addition of new resources. Special arrangement can help in other forums to add a favorite resource. Just click the program under the appropriate item, it will automatically scan the site and invite others to add to the list found on the forums. However, all options will be taken from the very first forum automatically. Also improve the program as a whole to manage it became much easier and more convenient by improving governance.
Developer:ChemTable Operating system:Windows Size 2, 5 MB Download can be here.


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