WebMoney Keeper Classic 3. 6. 0. 6:Management purses

October 23, 2008, 6:56 pm

webmoney keeper classic 3. 6. 0. 6:management purses   New version of WebMoney Keeper Classic - a client for the popular system WebMoney, through which you can implement different types of calculations on the Internet. WebMoney Keeper Classic - a program through which users to manage their finances:add to the account, send and receive their money. In WebMoney Keeper also have a chat to exchange text messages with their respondents.
The latest version of the following improvements:
  • program to improve communication with the service mail. wmkeeper.com:
  • A entrance to the mailbox by selecting MenyuMoy mailbox on the mail. wmkeeper.com. . . Ctrl E;
  • item context menu the list of correspondents Send e-mail. . . Ctrl Shift E allowed to proceed to writing letters to your correspondent;
  • Added warning of incoming messages. In order to use the option vklyuchitvyklyuchit alert warning of an incoming message on the mail. wmkeeper.com on the Common Program Settings dialog (Tools>Options program).
you can download from here.


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