Weekly Digest overclocking. Issue 5

July 13, 2008, 11:00 am

weekly digest overclocking. issue 5 
weekly digest overclocking. issue 5   Hall of Fame
continue to monitor the most significant results, which was achieved by a enthusiasts. As a precautionary measure we use the following tools, Hall of Fame (Hall of Fame) in the resource Futuremark for 3DMark`03`05`06 for disciplines and data for the site HWbot 3DMark`01, Aquamark as well as CPU-Z and SuperPi 1M. In addition, another handy tool - a database of records disperse processor, a resource, which quickly tracked all the changes in the world overclocking.
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8179, 89
ThuG OC Team Italy
SuperPi 1M, with
7, 00
has just become uninteresting, the person to whom the hands of Afraid of getting any zhelezka, continues to hold and consolidate its leadership. Freeze in two disciplines, he gave one in the hands of unknown enthusiasts. If you believe, and nothing else, this website Futuremark, it turns out that a new record in the discipline 3DMark 2003 won 145892"parrots". Anonimki configuration consisted of a computer motherboard ASUS Rampage Formula, processor Core 2 Duo E8500, to disperse the 4805 MHz frequency, and two graphics cards Radeon HD 4870. A lot of contentious issues, and why the processor worked on such frequency is not impressive, and what frequency conquer graphic adapters, and what used memory. So far no confirmation on HWbot and from other sources.
Born in USSR
Record set enthusiast TaPaKaH in one of the main subjects for any overklokera - SuperPi 1M, yet not afraid. In the second place, monsters nitrogen, with the result 7, with 094 located coolaler.
A few words about the competition, took place under the auspices of productivity to the benefit of mankind. Joint Project Total OverClock and the largest Russian-language commands in the draft Folding @ Home - TSC ! Russia. More information is available on this link. I would like to note that prizes and there are very valuable for that fight, and it`s true that this work will be solely for the benefit. Perhaps trying to force the contest, someone will remain and will continue to give part of their computing resources for calculations.
The replacement of the cooling system on the motherboard ASUS Rampage Formula. Cognitive video. The author set on manyachestvu.


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