A well-known journalist, said that gamers can not vote

April 20, 2009, 10:51 am

a well-known journalist, said that gamers can not vote   Washington Post columnist and owner of the Pulitzer Prize (Pulitzer Prize), George F. Will (George F. Will) recently wrote the amusing text. He was surprised that the U. S. gives gamers the opportunity to vote ! Note that the well-known journalist, also does not want the public chose husbands fans about the Indiana Jones movies (Indiana Jones), fans of television series like Seinfeld.
Apparently, the expert believes such people is not enough adults to take such important decisions for the country, as the choice of president, etc. His point of view you can understand, but take - rather difficult. As we know, today, video games have long been part of modern culture, and if you cut off all her fans from the process of governing the country, it will turn out that the candidates would lose most of their voters.
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