Western Digital happy with the financial results

April 27, 2009, 11:42 am

   Well-known manufacturer of drives, company Western Digital has published its financial results for the third fiscal quarter ended March 27, 2009. During the reporting period, revenue was $ WD 1, 6 billion, the volume of supplies had reached 31, 6 million in the piece basis, net income was $ 50 million, which corresponds to income $ 0, 22 per share.
The company reported expenses of $ 14 million on research and development related to its recent acquisition - SiliconSystems. In addition, $ 4 million spent on the implementation plan for the restructuring, announced on 17 December last year. Excluding these costs, net profit of non-GAAP was $ 68 million, or $ 0, 3 per share.
Remember, in the first quarter of last year, Western Digital revenue totaled $ 2 1 billion in supplies - 34, 5 million in the piece terms, net profit - $ 280 million, while earnings per share - $ 1, 23.
President &CEO Western Digital Keune, John (John Coyne) is pleased with the financial results achieved. In his view, the restructuring changes and optimization measures are already bearing fruit, and thus, despite the difficult global situation, the WD business remains profitable.


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