WHDI:another home wireless videostandart

June 3, 2008, 5:45 pm

whdi:another home wireless videostandart   Another mezhindustrialny consortium, to some extent quite unexpected:a group of companies in which at the moment include Sony, Samsung Electronics, Motorola, Sharp and Hitachi, announced the development a new industrial standard based on Israeli technology company Amimon Ltd. , Called WHDI, or Wireless Home Digital Interface, that is, Home Wireless Digital Interface.
The consortium WHDI, the establishment of which was announced on Wednesday, has put its main objective the creation of technology that completely eliminate the confusion with many varieties and video in addition relieve users from cables as such. Amimon The company already supplies the market for its chips, which are fully responsible for the task, but the creation of large industrial consortium really help transform WHDI in the generally universal standard.
According to the consortium members, the first television sets with integrated chips Amimon, and, consequently, with support for standard WHDI, will appear in retail next year, with the price WHDI-products already at first would not vary much by more than at $ 100.
is interesting to note in this connection, availability of direct competitors novoyavlennogo standard. Thus, standard WirelessHD, developed by California SiBEAM, to speed the transfer of uncompressed video uses 60 GHz frequency range. By the way, Sony is also a party to draft WirelessHD, but the problem of the standard that would require at least another few years for its commercialization, while WHDI - he is already ready. At Samsung, meanwhile, are considering it WHDI as a transitional technology on the way to adapt WirelessHD.
And what about quality speed broadband wireless technology UWB ? Alas, despite the much better speed and power capabilities compared to the same Wi-Fi, UWB has a smaller range.
data transmission technology, which is based on standard WHDI, much less exotic than WirelessHD or UWB. This uses the usual 5 GHz band. Highlight technology that, schematically speaking, to circumvent the restrictions narrow frequency range, engineers Amimon not use traditional compression, and video division before transferring to key components that really affect the quality"pictures", like a tiny color variations around the small fragments. In the process of transferring the highest priority given to the transfer of critical parts of images, and even if possible channel transmitted smallest nuances image.
In WHDI specifications indicate that this wireless interface capable of transmitting uncompressed video at speeds of up to 3 Gbit/s (including uncompressed 1080p) in 40 - MHz channel unlicensed 5 GHz band, while the distance can reach 100 feet (that - then about 30 meters), despite the obstacles like walls, and while latency is less than 1 ms.
Thus, the interface WHDI can transfer the image on decent distance, although with increasing distance picture quality decreases. Etaky preimage analog signal"shivorot-navyvorot."
read more about the new technology could be on the site alliance WHDI. To say the truth, invent, like, not bad, but nastorazhivaet the fact that some manufacturers are to the standard WHDI as a passing"Favourite"on the road to WirelessHD. Pay for one and then another, of course, have to buyers.


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