Why and why people love the Internet

December 19, 2008, 12:28 am

   Recently, the company Harris Interactive poll conducted large-scale social importance of the Internet in the modern economy, which analysts have tried to establish the extent of the impact of the Network on the lives of ordinary people.
Access to the Internet is essential in today`s economic situation - 95% of adults believe that it is very important, important or very important to have a device to go online. The majority (82%) agree that devices with Internet access are helping them to constantly keep abreast of the economic situation. 87% argue that Internet access can save money. Of those adults:

  • 84% ever saves money by comparing prices online and find the most attractive offers before deciding on the purchase;
  • 66% save money simply by shopping online;
  • 65% indicate that saves money through the internet through search coupons, discounts and special promotional Internet shares.
Following on the importance of the Internet are the following possibilities:
  • Cable television (39 %);
  • dinner in a restaurant (20%);
  • Buying clothes (18 %);
  • A visit to the gym (10%).
Internet makes life better - 9 out of 10 adult Americans (91%), argue that Internet access has improved at least one aspect of their lives. In this group:
  • 78% indicated that it was easier to maintain contact with friends and relatives;
  • 68% said that online shopping more efficient;
  • Nearly half (47%) argues that the Internet helps to better manage personal finances through such capabilities as remote access to your bank account and the ability to pay bills online.
The survey was conducted in the territory of the United States among 2119 adults aged 18 years. This online survey is based on unrepresentative sample, therefore, to assess the statistical error studies impossible.


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