Why is Bionic Commando received M-rating

April 20, 2009, 12:28 pm

why is bionic commando received m-rating   Technically, Bionic Commando has received the rating of M for a certain number of blood and obscene words, but in fact the cause of the high age is another.
MTV Multiplayer reports that the original toy had to be rated T (for teenagers). Then it was decided to produce its complete with a demo version of Resident Evil 5 and had to raise the rating. As a result, a fifth of the horror emerged earlier demo version posted on the network, but Bionic Commando was never dies with the M on the box.
In any case, we do not think that this is something seriously affect the quality of the new project from Capcom and GRIN. Judging by the available movies, a new action to be absolutely crazy adventure. There have to constantly jump, soar in the air, throw enemies into chunks of buildings and to produce incredible somersault.
The Game Bionic Commando released on attachment and PC in May 2009.
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