Windows 7 will be less likely to plague Vista

April 24, 2009, 3:51 pm

windows 7 will be less likely to plague vista   This year is Windows 7, Microsoft has high hopes for the operating system. One of the disadvantages of Vista - the frequent occurrence of a notification of Account Control (UAC, User Account Control).
Paul Cook (Paul Cooke), director of security features of Windows 7, said, annoyed that the message will appear in Windows 7 is much less than in Vista. UAC-Reduce popup windows in the beta version of Windows 7 is about 29%.
Reduction of warnings contributed to the new toolbar, which users can customize the level of security. In total 16 acts will not cause notice.
The protection of UAC is aimed at users who want to protect your computer from hacking and other problems. We experienced Windows users windows UAC does not cause anything but irritation.


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