Windows 7 will not support hybrid graphics

November 9, 2008, 8:42 am

   According to the source, Microsoft recently published Guidelines for Graphics in Windows 7, which warns of possible problems with hybrid graphics NVIDIA and AMD/ATI. In his guide Microsoft openly and explicitly refers to these technologies unstable (unstable).
Recall technology NVIDIA Hybrid SLI and ATI Hybrid CrossFireX include pooling power embedded graphics core and discrete videouskoritelya primary level. This allows you to increase productivity budget systems. To increase the time offline laptops, you can disable graphics card.
It is noted that Windows 7 will not be realized built-in support for hybrid graphics systems. Official reasons for the decision are:these products may be unstable to work and bring trouble to users. Microsoft is confident that this will force manufacturers to resist the proliferation of such systems. In addition, the company warns that while a reconfiguration of the video requires a restart, and this causes certain inconveniences.
Note, ATI Hybrid CrossFireX in conjunction with Windows Vista has been tested in our test lab and found a very good idea to increase speed. Yes and no record of instability could not be confirmed. Why do with Windows 7, such problems ? The issue quickly to Microsoft, than to NVIDIA and ATI.
At the time of writing material Microsoft has already removed from the official site of your document. Perhaps it is revising its categorical statements ?


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