Winter Multi-Touch gloves for the Apple iPhone

January 6, 2009, 5:33 pm

winter multi-touch gloves for the apple iphone   The impressive list of equipment and additions to the iPhone promises popolnitsya quite exotic, but very relevant to our climate veschitsey. The fact that the U. S. Patent Office filed an application on the gloves for use in conjunction with multisensornymi (multi-touch) devices in countries with severe weather conditions.
The application describes a way to solve the problem multisensornymi control devices like the iPhone or iPod in cold weather, when contact with the user`s fingertips is not possible in the case of traditional gloves.
Inventors proposed solution to the issue through the use of gloves domestic additional layer of material, imitating the touch pads three major fingers of touch screens. Diaphragm principle of access to the internal elastic layer allows gloves almost uteplennymi under constant wear. To open access to artificial pad can be used as special elastic rings, and the withdrawal of ingenious defense kryshechek.
Since the patent application is designed for individuals, Stephen Hotelinga (Steven Hotelling) and Eshvina Sander (Ashwin Sunder), there is no clarity whether this patent is indeed something to do with the actual plans for Apple. It should be noted that very often turns to self-production of textile accessories.


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