Wireless keyboard for mediatsentrov Logitech diNovo Mini

September 26, 2008, 4:18 pm

wireless keyboard for mediatsentrov logitech dinovo miniwireless keyboard for mediatsentrov logitech dinovo miniwireless keyboard for mediatsentrov logitech dinovo mini 
wireless keyboard for mediatsentrov logitech dinovo mini   A retail online store brando.com got an interesting novelty from the company Logitech, a line of keyboards are included diNovo - wireless keyboard diNovo Mini. It is positioned as a manufacturer of the optimal solution for home mediatsentrov in conjunction TV PC.
Glossy keyboard, like all products lines diNovo, seasoned black and gray tones and, depending on the mode functionality is highlighted in green or red. The main feature diNovo Mini is a more advanced version of the touch control - ClickPad. In addition to the opportunities of the control established by the previous model line, ClickPad can be used as a remote control multimedia applications. No, and there is no keypad buttons - diNovo Mini has a stockpile of 63-key QWERTY keyboard replacement, 10 multimedia buttons and a button activating Windows Media Center.
computer diNovo Mini communicates with Bluetooth module, which range allows it to work while away from the PC in the room. Lifetime lithium-ion battery for new items without charge is 30 days, and being fully charged 4 hours. There is also a function of rapid charging, hours after which the diNovo Mini can work out exactly 24 hours.
The value of Logitech diNovo Mini online store brando.com is $ 175, while the official website of Logitech shows the recommended price of $ 150.


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