Wireless USB - the potential of technology has not yet been revealed

April 7, 2009, 10:15 am

wireless usb - the potential of technology has not yet been revealedwireless usb - the potential of technology has not yet been revealed 
wireless usb - the potential of technology has not yet been revealed   The universal serial interface is now extremely popular - with the help of a personal computer to connect not only the peripherals:handlers, printers, scanners, storage device, but also and the essential components of a PC, as monitors, sound boards and even Video. It would seem that the development of USB should go in a single direction, namely, increasing its speed capabilities. But for the modern user`s important is not only the capacity of the channel, but also a complete rejection of a wired connection to wireless. Here we come to this decision, as the Wireless USB (WUSB) - technology to the public is not now and has already had the opportunity to market the periphery.
As it turned out, the main obstacle to the widespread shift to WUSB at the moment is the lack of proposals on the world market. The most popular types of devices is still as follows:set to replace wired connections, wireless USB-hubs and the decision to transfer video from a computer monitor or projector. In other words, while the market only solutions to connect devices, initially supporting the wired USB interface, through WUSB.
Where to find as interesting peripheral devices, initially supporting work with the universal wireless interface:printers, scanners, media players, displays, etc. However, the situation on the market can drastically improve in 2009. For instance, Imation Corp. promised this year to release an external drive for sale on the basis of a hard disk that supports the work of WUSB. Support wireless USB will also have new items coming companies Toshiba, ASUS, Samsung:docking stations, projectors and monitors.
The emergence of the periphery of a new generation of technology will give the necessary impetus to the conquest of the world market. Analysts predict growth in the number supplied in the WUSB-sale devices to 190 million by 2012. This is almost twenty times higher than the results of 2007, when a total of about 100 had been sold thousands of similar devices.
But those solutions that are already represented in the sale, provide clearly see the advantages of wireless universal interface. Wireless USB-hubs, giving the user complete freedom to connect to PC peripherals (say, within ten meters from the transmitter/receiver signal), it guarantees a high data transfer speed and ease of connecting to a PC. Even with the break signal (removal of a hub at a distance exceeding the radius of signal reception), its recovery will happen automatically. This situation is typical for this type of WUSB-devices as a set for the wireless connection. His set includes two wireless USB-adapter is responsible for reception and transmission of data. With their help, you can easily organize the connection between two devices equipped with a standard USB-port, and data transfer speed is quite high - in excess of 300 Mbps.
Of interest to the final consumer and devices for wireless transmission of video - especially in the case of the need for presentations. Connect one adapter to the USB-port of a PC, and the second to the video projector or television, you can get a working system without any wires. Moreover, this way you can quickly organize mnogodispleynuyu system, of course, if this feature is implemented by developers adapters.
So, you now have to look forward to the emergence of a new generation of peripherals. Moreover, it is already present in the sale of solutions have a number of advantages compared with devices that support only a wired connection. As one of the drawbacks of WUSB-devices, you can specify only their relatively high price - over $ 100 for a wireless hub. Wired solutions of this type is much cheaper.


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