World Cyber Games 2008 - Russia`s finale is around the corner

June 5, 2008, 7:08 am

world cyber games 2008 - russia`s finale is around the corner   In Moscow from 12 to Sept. 14, 2008 held one of the major events kibersportivnoy life - final phase of the Russian World Championship in computer games World Cyber Games 2008 Russia Preliminary. Tournament World Cyber Games drew the attention of thousands of participants and millions of fans in all six continents. Russian Championship stage consists of regional qualifying tournaments, which began in June, and the finals, which will take place in Moscow on 12 September.
This year the geography of regional tournaments expanded significantly. Try its forces in virtual battles have been able to residents of 17 - ty Russian cities. Best kibersportsmeny come to the Russian finale to fight for prize money of $ 44200 and exit at the Grand Finals, which will take place in Cologne (Germany) from 5 to 9 November.
The official partner of the tournament in Moscow the third year in favour Trademark iRU. In the Russian WCG 2008 finals will be new models of game stations iRU Brava Home 127. The weapons will kibersportsmenov mouse and keyboard Oklick. This year, the WCG 2008 fans disciplines Xbox 360 consoles will fight in the games Halo 3, PGR 4 and Guitar Hero. But while the popularity of home consoles role at the WCG 2008 left up to the games for the PC. This year, participants will fight for the championship in Counter-Strike, WarCraft III, C


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