World Record from Toshiba:240 GB in the format 1, 8

September 11, 2008, 4:56 pm

   Unit to develop a storage company Toshiba announced intention to soon start Issue 1, 8 - inch hard disk drives with a record for this class of devices capacity -- 240 GB. According to a press release, new development has the greatest density in the industry record 344 Gbit/square inch.
presented a series of hard disk includes several models:MK2431GAH two plates with a total capacity of 240 GB, as well as options on one plate (MKxx31GAL) capacity of 80 and 120 GB. All are characterized by spindle speed 4200 rpm, equipped PATA interface and, like all modern solutions, using perpendicular magnetic recording technology.
New items targeted for use in portable multimedia players, ultramobilnyh computers, video cameras and other such devices.
The main characteristics MK2431GAH:

  • Capacity:240 GB;
  • The number plates:2;
  • density recording:344 Gbit/square inch;
  • The average search time:15 ms;
  • speed:4200 rpm;
  • buffer Capacity:8 MB;
  • Interface:PATA;
  • Peak data transfer speed:488 Mbps;
  • Energy Efficiency:0, 0013 W/GB;
  • Dimensions:54h71h8 mm;
  • Weight:59 grams.
The main characteristics of MK hh31 GAL:
  • Capacity:120/80 GB;
  • The number plates:1;
  • Density record:344/229 Gbit/square inch;
  • The average search time:15 ms;
  • speed:4200 rpm;
  • capacity buffer:8 MB;
  • Interface:PATA;
  • peak speed of data transmission:488/324 Mbps;
  • Energy Efficiency:0, 0025/0, 0038 W/GB;
  • Dimensions:54h71h5 mm;
  • Weight:48 grams.


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