The world`s first demonstration of SATA 3. 0 from the AMD and Seagate

March 10, 2009, 1:34 pm

the world`s first demonstration of sata 3. 0 from the amd and seagate   In August of last year, the organization Serial ATA International Organization (SATA-IO), responsible for the development and promotion of the same interface, formally announced a new specification SATA Revision 3. 0, which would increase capacity by half - to 6 gigabits per second.
As for the ready-made solutions, which are equipped with the new SATA-interface, its appearance on the market already expected in the second quarter of this year. In the meantime, the company AMD and Seagate, are active members of SATA-IO (the last of them, moreover, is on the board of directors), decided to warm up public interest in the new interface and held the world`s first demonstration of data transmission using SATA for speed 6 Gbit/sec. Shaw was held in the conference Everything Channel Xchange Conference, held this week in New Orleans.
Display stand included two hard drive from Seagate. One of them is a serial copy Barracuda 7200. 12 SATA II, and the second is a prototype model, equipped with interface SATA III. The purpose of the demonstration was to show the difference in performance between two generations of hard drive. The computer also includes a prototype chipset AMD, supporting the new interface. With the Barracuda 7200. 12 SATA II information is transmitted at a speed of about 3 Gbit/s, while the prototype has achieved more than 5, 5 Gbit/sec. Output interface is displayed on the monitor.


• Barracuda SATA 3 prototype
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