The worst bug Google Android

November 10, 2008, 1:14 pm

   Had no time to forget all about the recently discovered serious security vulnerabilities in Google Android, as the new owners guglofonov strike trouble. At this time is much worse because of harming their device may have accidentally users.
The author of the message, which he dubbed as the Worst. Bug. Ever (worst mistake of all time), he has not been able to believe in its finder. Just imagine, when you load the phone running Android, an automatic launch of the shell (command shell) to human root (the most extensive rights), and every character the user typed, regardless of the manner in which application it works, is in command console. As a result, every word typed with a keyboard interpreted as a command and fed to perform as root.
What are the implications this might lead ? Yes to the most deplorable. Relatively nestrashnuyu rather funny situation describes one of the users, faced with the problem. During a chat with his girlfriend, she asked why I did not answer. I just restart your phone and, accordingly, wrote that his girlfriend. To its surprise, after sending the message with the word reboot my phone re-booting. But a restart is not the worst. Indeed, there is much more serious team.
Fortunately, this ekslyuzivnaya ficha seen only with software version 1. 0 TC4-RC29 and earlier. The new releases bug has been fixed. For guglofona encouraged to enter the Menu ->Settings ->About phone and check the build number (Build number). If you thirtieth or later, sleep tight. Otherwise, you can (as a temporary measure) to press the enter key on your keyboard and type the word cat, completing his another pressing Return. This will prevent the shell to listen and to run for the text strings from the keyboard, at least until you restart. Or better yet update software.


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