X-COM posted on the Steam

September 10, 2008, 6:43 pm

x-com posted on the steam   Valve Company went retro lovers meet, posted on the virtual counters immediately Steam five games of a series of X-COM:Apocalypse, Enforcer, Interceptor, Terror From the Deep and UFO Defense . Buy every single game can be over $ 4, 99, and a whole set of faces - $ 14, 99. Prior to September 11 for all projects in this series will be distributed 10 - per cent discount.
Recall that X-COM does not yet evolved. Go rumours that the revival of the legendary tactical project works Levayn Ken (Ken Levine) from 2K Games. It was this man made System Shock 2, as well as Bioshock. What ultimately will turn out to the specialist yet difficult to say. We are waiting for official confirmation from the publisher.
P. S.
seems, games are only available in the United States.
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