Xbox 360 turned 3 years

November 25, 2008, 6:27 pm

xbox 360 turned 3 years 
xbox 360 turned 3 years   22 Nov. , 2005 in the USA the premiere of the new game console from Microsoft. Xbox 360 was the first representative of the new console generation. This was followed by Wii and PlayStation 3.
Naslednitsa Xbox has been much success. Total worldwide has sold over 22 million units. For the system was released a few very powerful hits, including a remarkable series - Gears of War. The main advantage of Xbox 360 has become a network service Xbox Live. Through it, users can not only participate in massive multiplayer battles, but also download video, Demko, etc.
Xbox 360 console hardkornaya true. While Sony and Nintendo to flirt with kazualami, Microsoft has remained almost the only company that believes in the fans and invites them to the complex, lengthy, expensive game. We hope that the platform will live in the water even if only a couple of years.


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