Xbox Live will bring $ 1 billion annual profit

April 13, 2009, 12:30 pm

xbox live will bring $ 1 billion annual profitxbox live will bring $ 1 billion annual profit 
xbox live will bring $ 1 billion annual profit   In-Stat Experts estimate that online service Xbox Live from Microsoft is seriously ahead of competitors (Sony, Nintendo). It is anticipated that by 2013 the network will generate up to $ 1 billion profit. Money going to get from subscriptions, income from the downloading of additional content and advertising. Recall that in July 2008, Microsoft officially announced that the two years after the launch of Xbox 360 Xbox Live network has $ 1 billion
In-Stat said that all three major manufacturers prefixes to seriously seek to profit from their online services. Their optimistic view of the future based on the fact that the penetration of broadband internet every month is increasing (in 2009 the number of subscribers thick channels exceeded 560 million people).
Experts predict that by 2013 the console market for network services will grow by 20%, while sales of prefixes will be reduced.
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