XFX first doubles the amount of memory to Radeon HD 4770

April 30, 2009, 3:59 pm

xfx first doubles the amount of memory to radeon hd 4770   The other day, an official announcement of a new graphics card Radeon HD 4770, based on 40-nm graphics core of RV740. The ideas of the next revolution in the market segment of approximately $ 100 united virtually all production partners AMD and inspired them to produce the same set of cards that are just labels and equipment. The first step back from the recommendations of AMD engineers with respect to specifications of Radeon HD 4770 the company decided to ASUS, producing dispersed version of the accelerator. Following the Taiwanese hurry distinguish Hong Kong company XFX. As it became known, a newcomer to the list of partners, AMD is preparing a non-standard model of Radeon HD 4770, equipped with 1 GB of memory type GDDR5.
Unfortunately, at this time the source had no information on the specifications of the forthcoming video. A photo of the package only, which is marked twice the memory. With regard to the official site of the manufacturer, while that in the relevant section was a place only for a copy of the standard version Radeon HD 4770 with 512 MB videobuferom volume. Hopefully, the new 1-GB model is presented itself in the very near future. Also want to believe that the additional video memory will bring a powerful benefit in its class chipu RV740, especially when working in high-resolution settings and heavy, with little impact on the final cost of graphics cards.


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