Xpy 0. 10. 9:facilitating the installation of Windows

December 6, 2008, 8:09 am

xpy 0. 10. 9:facilitating the installation of windows   The new version of the program, which helps improve security and protect against threats, which carries a standard installation of Windows XP. The utility closes the access system and its components to the servers Microsoft. It removes Windows Messenger, can not arbitrarily connect to the Internet program Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer, a variety of services. In addition, xpy turn off warning systems Windows Genuine Advantage, ActiveX controls and JavaScript, and much more.
xpy This version replaces all search technology, Microsoft on Google Search. In addition, is a special build, which uses search technology Ixquick.
The latest version fixes related to ServNetMeetingDesktop, with the definition ServTelnet, as well as the establishment of points of retrogression.
Developer:Jan T. Scott Distribution:free Operating system:Windows All Size 86 KB Download can be here.


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