Yahoo Search Pad testing service to facilitate the search for

February 6, 2009, 2:47 pm

yahoo search pad testing service to facilitate the search for   Improve their search engine is not just Google. In Yahoo began testing a new project, called Search Pad, which should, according to the intent of the creators, greatly simplify the lives of those who are often looking for something on the Internet. Yahoo Search Pad monitors a user`s query and, after determining the direction in which the search, proposes to keep the results in a separate document. It will show pages that have already been viewed by the user on the subject.
The document can not only view, but also to comment, delete links that no longer need to sort them. If the inserted fragments of text taken from any site, the addresses of these sites will automatically be added to the document. While that is testing Yahoo Search Pad, which involved a limited number of users of the service, and a final version to appear in the coming months.


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