Yahoo wants to merge mobile services

February 18, 2009, 6:29 am

   At the end of March this year, Yahoo plans to launch a test version of its mobile start page, which will combine mobile services from Yahoo with new applications for smartphones. These applications will help to search online, at the same time monitor the state of the mailboxes and the data obtained with the help of widgets. For the iPhone such a solution will appear at the end of March and will include the services OneConnect, OneSearch and OnePlace.
Experts believe that this is a big step for Yahoo, as has already been quite a long time the company offers a variety of developments, which operate only on those or other devices, but there are problems with universality. For example, for the iPhone is only OneConnect, while the other services available. Innovation, scheduled for March, is actually a possibility to install a set of applications from a single container. So far, the list of supported platforms, there is no operating system Android, but Yahoo promised to support it later.


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