Yandex. Maps offer more precise information about traffic jams Kiev

November 20, 2008, 3:34 pm

yandex. maps offer more precise information about traffic jams kiev   Kiev users Yandex received a complete mapping of traffic in the city, as Yandex. Maps have data from motorists Ukrainian capital.
In March of this year, Yandex has published a map of Kiev congestion - based on data from the IA Druga Smuga. And in June in Kiev Yandex launched a program to collect user data on traffic jams - Traffic jams 2. 0. Kyiv have been active participants in the program - every day Yandex. Maps receive prompt information from hundreds of motorists town. Today the site maps. yandex. ru aggregate map showing traffic Ukrainian capital, which takes into account not only of a partner, but also from motorists.
Custom data helps make the picture of the movement is much more accurate, because Yandex quickly learned when cork is over, can see the traffic jams in places where cameras are not installed.
Yandex. Maps show the user data in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev and Yekaterinburg. For the card-free roads can be both at the site maps. yandex. ru, or using mobile applications Yandex. Maps.


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