Yandex. Metro:calculation of time travel in the subway

September 22, 2008, 12:59 pm

yandex. metro:calculation of time travel in the subway   Yandex has launched a new program for mobile phones Yandex. Metro. Annex help quickly, the calculate the forthcoming visit to the subway and choose the best route. Yandex. Metro operates without connection to the Internet, so you can even use it underground.
In Yandex. Metro has a scheme of Subway Russia and Ukraine.
In Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev and Kharkov mobile Yandex. Metro offers several options for travel between selected stations. For each option specified time on the road and the number of transfers. Each route is displayed as a scheme or a list of stations and crossings.
Download Yandex. Metro can be mobile on a short address m. ya. ru/ymetro or check with your personal computer to visit mobile. yandex. ru/metro. It works in all modern phones enabled for Java MIDP2. 0 (modern Java), as well as in most smartphones and communicators.


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