Yandex offers to create a widget with a regional content

April 25, 2009, 1:19 am

yandex offers to create a widget with a regional content   Yandex opened a support program for sites with regional content. Each site can create a custom block (widget), which users can add to the home page Yandex.
Widget - information block site, which can be placed at another site. Today, Yandex shown on the main page of widgets across its services - News, billboards, traffic jams. The user can customize the content of the widget and its location on the page, and clicking on - go to the site, which he represents.
First of all, Yandex interesting widgets with local content - news of city football club or ads for renting apartments. These widgets will fall into the special regional catalog. The most interesting and popular audiences, regional widgets Yandex will offer directly to the main page.
Home Yandex widget has moved to the technology last fall. Learn how to create your own widget for the main page, Yandex and place it in a regional directory, described here.


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