Yandex opened metrics for all site owners and webmasters

April 27, 2009, 3:56 pm

yandex opened metrics for all site owners and webmasters   Yandex offers to use metric for all site owners and webmasters. Yandex. The metric allows to measure traffic, analyze user behavior and evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Since March 2007, Yandex. The metric was opened only for advertisers Yandex. Directives and participants Yandex Advertising Network. Now it can all attend.
Having established the site counter metrics, you can see what advertising channels, users are and how they move around the site further. For example, you can find out whether people go to order forms or other relevant resource pages. The metric form eight groups of various reports, the data are updated every five minutes. Counter metrics are not visible to visitors to the site and its data is available only to the owner of the resource.
Yandex. Metric constantly Monitors the availability of sites for visitors, and in case of problems send a letter to the owner or the free SMS-notification.


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