Yellowsn0w:Apple iPhone 3G razlochen ! Almost successfully

January 3, 2009, 7:58 am

yellowsn0w:apple iphone 3g razlochen ! almost successfully 
yellowsn0w:apple iphone 3g razlochen ! almost successfully   Over domestic vendors and operators are still zalamyvayuschimi unthinkable prices for iPhone 3G, looms ominous shadow ochumelyh pens of the people. The threat of yet, however, more prizrachnaya, but as they say, Annushka already razlila oil . . .
It`s the developers of the Dev-Team, kept a promise and published in his blog and promised long-awaited 0. 9. 1 beta yellowsn0w 3G unlock. Thus, from now on smart phones iPhone 3G, zalochennye under the definition of the operator, with the help of such a patch can be used in networks of any operator. Consider that the entire mass of the foreign iPhone 3G, seats sold for the inherent peanuts (with certain contract clauses, of course, but in any case, almost an order of magnitude cheaper than in Russia) can now flow to gray channels and completely undermine the sales of white iPhone 3G.
Sources and uploads:
  • Cydia source:apt9.
  • Installer repo:i.

Of course, as in lomatelskoy any idea, the current version 0. 9. 1 beta yellowsn0w 3G unlock is not without blemish. First, the mandatory require firmware version 02. 28. 00, which, however, is already included in the Apple Update Firmware 2. 2.
Secondly - and this is the most unpleasant news for fans of cheap and at the same time, balm for the wounds of the official vendors iPhone 3G:This version - a deep beta, but rather glyuchnaya. According to some reports, announced version Yellowsn0w 0. 9. 1 beta sboit almost half of enthusiasts who risked experiments.
usually with the help of numerous beta aides quickly reach up to the final release. And there, staring, podtyagivayutsya enthusiasts with their new versions razlochki.
Of course, 3DNews in no way recommends downloading and installing is not proven and is not certified software, any experimentation - it`s your own risk and responsibility !
Nevertheless, the facts do not деться:Ice tronulsya, gentlemen !


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