YouTube sells music and games

October 9, 2008, 4:43 pm

youtube sells music and games   The largest portal YouTube, which publishes a huge number of video clips, is trying to expand its range of business opportunities. The main motivation for such a decision, likely is a desire to justify the huge jackpot ($ 1, 76 billion), paid for service by Google for more than two years ago.
innovation consists in the fact that the streaming video will be a button offering to buy music, films, television shows, tickets to the concert, videoigru or other products, which are shown in the clip. Once the user clicks on a link, it is sent to a specialized site, where he sold the desired product. With each successful transaction YouTube is a small percentage.
To begin with, through YouTube started selling songs only from the two labels (EMI Music and Universal Music Group), as well as games from Electronic Arts. In the future, the company hopes to convince the appropriateness of the business models of other studios and television networks. If the talks will be held successfully, would emerge whole virtual marketplaces that are available not only for U. S. citizens, but also for residents of other countries.
The specialists point out that YouTube advertising is not great success. So far, that the major money received from the short video, which appeared in a small box below the main video. Revenue Service this year should take approximately $ 200 million, which is not much, given the huge monthly audience of 100 million people. But Google is not yet too is going through due to lack of profit in this direction, as well as its own business selling contextual ads flourishes (this year`s profit will exceed $ 20 billion).


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