Z550 and Z515:two new nuclear processor for MID-device

April 9, 2009, 2:51 pm

z550 and z515:two new nuclear processor for mid-device   In the speech at the Intel Developer Forum, held in Beijing, Intel vice president Anand Chandraseher (Anand Chandrasekher) introduced two new processors for mobile Internet devices (Mobile Internet Devices - MID). In so doing, the company celebrated the first anniversary of the release of Intel Atom.
At the time of the report of the next wave of mobile technology Chandraseher for the first time demonstrated a working platform for the new generation, code-named Moorestown, based on Intel Atom processors and designed for mobile Internet devices. Chandraseher noted energy-saving potential of this platform, which requires 10 times less power in standby mode compared to a similar platform based on Intel Atom, which is currently in use. This breakthrough was made possible by the fabrication of transistors with dielectrics Hi-k, the development of 45-nanometer manufacturing process and application of new power management technology.
In addition, Intel announced two new models of Atom processors for MID-devices:Z550 and Z515. Intel Atom Z550 - the most powerful CPU in the lineup (2 GHz clock speed). It implemented the technology Intel Hyperthreading, allowing to increase productivity in the energy consumption of less than 3 Watts. Intel Atom Z515 supports Intel Burst Performance (BPT), which dynamically controls the clock frequency of the nuclei, depending on current needs.
Speaking about the market of embedded computers, Gelsinger referred to the new processor Intel Atom. They are designed to be installed in the information systems and entertainment devices, which can be equipped with public transport. In the future for embedded systems, the corporation will issue processors based on the architecture code-named Jasper Forest, which are specially designed to respond to the expanding requirements for integrating and computing power. These processors will be used in network devices and data storage systems.


• z550 mainboard
• matrox g200ew
• Mainboard Z550
• Mainboard mini-itx z550
• mainboard atom z515
• itx z550
• itx motherboard z550
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