ZigBee breaks internet

April 29, 2009, 3:09 pm

zigbee breaks internet   The company, amounting to ZigBee Alliance, are going to extend the specifications of this standard to support the network of Internet protocols. Texas Instruments, as the primary developer of systems to ZigBee, proposes to include in the specification of an open standard protocol developed committee IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force - Committee on the Development of Internet protocols and architecture). The solution proposed in the form of a supplementary profile of ZigBee Smart Energy, whose support will integrate with ZigBee devices in the network.
wireless technology ZigBee is a low power consumption and is widely used for a variety of devices, instruments and sensors, which do not require high speed data transmission. Ability to receive data and to manage such devices through the network would significantly increase the possibility of ZigBee in industrial use, and in the smart home.


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