Zinc batteries ZPower ready to conquer the market

October 12, 2008, 9:52 am

   The problem of low-capacity lithium-ion batteries that fuel modern mobile electronic devices, is the most pressing for developers, because it is not possible to achieve a long-time stand-alone work for high performance and or multifunction devices. Especially in the case of wireless data transmission technology. Increase the same time, offline work by equipping portable technology akkumulyatornymi additional cells is not a way out of this situation, because in this case, substantially increasing overall dimensions of devices, and even stronger - the weight of mobile devices.
The possibility of a marked increase in battery capacity, and thus far offline portable electronics, we promised the company ZPower - according to official statements the capacity of zinc-silver batteries, compared with lithium-ion batteries, will be increased by 40%. There must be satisfied and environmentalists, because 95% of materials making zinc batteries are processed. A little more information on the technology of silver-zinc battery company Zpower can be found here.
We now turn to more information. Thus, the head of the company ZPower, Ross Doyber (Ross Dueber) has promised to present new technology during the conference Batteries 2008, which will begin its work in the French city of Nice already next week. Interestingly, the developers continually improve its technology - this time they managed to increase the number of cycles of charging up to 200. At the moment, lithium-ion technology is superior to double the newcomer on this parameter - battery with up to 500 cycles. But zinc batteries longer retain the charge, which means users will still charge them less.
The advantage of devices developed by employees Zpower, is also their safety in daily use. This is achieved through a lack of chemically active lithium metal - it was allocating a significant amount of energy in the course of chemical reactions with violating technology manufacturing lithium-ion batteries was the reason for the withdrawal of large quantities of mobile computers. Products Zpower such a shortage would be denied. Another advantage in field security is non-use of mercury - the metal is widely used in the silver-zinc batteries third-party developers, which is required to prevent corrosion of zinc, and in some cases there is leakage of dangerous substances on human health.
As regards the first devices ready to enter the world market for batteries, and thus compete for the same type of device, the Zpower expects to begin deliveries of its products in the next year.


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